Bespoke Cakes

Birthday cakes, Christmas cakes, Easter cakes or even just ‘Let’s have a cake’ – we can make any of these for you.

Decisions, Decisions....
Lemon drizzle or sticky toffee? Perhaps you feel like a classic victoria sponge....or even coffee & walnut? Or there's always the red velvet, but then again you may feel like the carrot cake, but what about a marble cake? The chocolate fudge flavour may still win the day though and the rainbow cake looks simply fabulous!

What Will You Choose Today?
You won’t be disappointed all baked with the freshest and tastiest ingredients!

If you're planning a special event you might like to consider commissioning one of our custom celebration cakes. We'll work with you to prepare a bespoke cake in any shape and size and decorate it to fit with your exact requirements to ensure an amazing - and delicious - centrepiece.

Cutting the birthday cake is one of the highlights of any birthday and singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles on a birthday cake doesn’t lose its charm no matter what age we may be, we can create wonderful birthday cakes that you will not be able to wait cutting in to.

A lead time of about 3 weeks is strongly advised for all bespoke cakes.

All cakes are supplied on a cake board and in a cake box.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and let me know your budget and together we can design a cake that is affordable. I will work with you to find creative ways to reduce the cost of your cake while making every effort to give you the same visual impact and delicious taste.
Feel free to provide pictures of the cake you want or as much detail as possible.